First Impressions: Sincere Carry

The Dukes have a point guard again. How novel! Sincere Carry brings a number of things to the table:

  1. Passing
  2. Defending
  3. Allowing for low hanging fruit headlines using “Sincerely” and “Carried” as word play

For months, I’ve heard great things about how well Carry has put himself into a position to feature prominently at point guard. Rumors are great, but watching him with my own eyes is even better. His debut didn’t disappoint. 7 points, 9 assists, 2 steals and most impressively zip, zilch, none, nada, zero, nothing in the turnovers department. That’s remarkably efficient and a performance veteran guards would envy.

What He Does Well

Carry’s court vision is remarkable. There were a few occasions where he delivered a perfect pass to teammates who he knew were open before they did. His ball handling is strong and he has the ability to break down defenders on the dribble with his quickness and subtle moves creating opportunities to get to the basket, find a teammate cutting to the hole or kick back to the wing. He controlled the game in a way very few current Atlantic 10 guards are capable of.

On defense he did a nice job staying in front of the ball handler and hastling them as they brought the ball up court. When they looked like they got a step on him, he recovered nicely. His diving second half steal was a thing of beauty and he showed quick hands.

Opportunities for Growth

It’s difficult to say anything negative about a player when their first 29 minutes are almost perfect. Other than one missed bunny of a layup, I can’t recall a single mistake. If you can, feel free to note it in the comments section below. When you debut with seven shots and nine assists, it’s not unfair to characterize you as a pass first. If we got four years of these types of these low scoring, super efficient playmaking  performances, I would never complain. We don’t have a complete understanding of Carry’s tendencies after one game, but he does seem like a true point guard in a game that increasingly embraces combo guards. While the old heads might not agree, I’d like to see more of a complete game from him as he grows as a college player meaning taking more shots when they present themselves.

First Comparison

During a conversation I had with another long time fan yesterday morning, he noted that Carry reminded him of VCU’s Briante Weber. I thought it was a pretty apt comparison based solely on his  debut. Carry showed pretty impressive upside and I don’t feel too badly putting him in the company of a perennial top player and an essential piece of multiple NCAA teams. It remains to be seen if Carry can live up to Weber as one of the better all around defenders in league history of course, and I would never make that conclusion after one game.  However, if his first game is a baseline for what Carey is capable of, I think he can easily match Weber on the offensive side while providing a poor man’s version of his defense.


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