First Impressions: Tavian Dunn – Martin

I didn’t expect this series to take quite this long to finish, but we’ve finally reached the homestretch. Today, I’ll look at Tavian Dunn-Martin with the remaining freshman to follow. Hopefully, I’ll be finished by the end of this week so we can look at some other topics.  

Tavian Dunn-Martin followed Keith Dambrot and his staff from Akron when he took the Duquesne job. So far this season, he’s been a crucial member of the bench. The diminutive, but versatile guard has backed up both the one and the two for the Dukes. His minutes have increased from his freshman year to his first competitive year on the Bluff, and I suspect we’ll see him continue to play an important role moving forward.

Tavian Dunn – Martin gets in the lane vs UIC. 11/12/18 — Steven DiMiceli

What He Does Well

Dunn-Martin has significantly improved his distribution game in his time off increasing his assist percentage by roughly 45%. He’s a very good interior passer and anticipates the movement of his teammates well with balls arriving in a space on the court at the same time the target does.  On the dribble drive, he uses both quickness and deception to get to the basket. He plays very good on ball defense and his quick hands have led to a number of turnovers. He’s a gritty competitor who plays incredibly hard. He’s also 14 for 14 at the charity stripe to start his Duquesne career.

Opportunities for Growth

Shooting consistentcy has been an issue for TDM early in his sophomore season. He’s shot under 40% from the field in five games and over 60% in just two. Further,  he’s shot better than 40% from three games in three games while hitting none in the other four.

First Comparison

I’m not sure if I have an easy comp for TDM. There haven’t been a lot of undersized guards who defended and distributed as well as TDM has so far. It’s highly possible that he develops into a player similar to Reggie Jackson of Ron Everhart’s first two years.

At the moment, TDM serves a great change of pace from both starters. He’s a greater threat to shoot than Sincere Carry and better at finding his teammates and generating steals than Mike Lewis II. Dunn – Martin  might be the Dukes’ sixth man for his remaining eligibility, and I could see him used in a “closer” role where his defense and free throw shooting consistently help seal competitive games late in the second half.  Having a player as competitive, versatile and able off the bench will help the Dukes pile up wins just as much if he were starting.

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