Report: Lewis Will Transfer

It was something speculated by Duquesne fans, and it seems that it may be happening. According to a tweet by Jeff Goodman, Mike Lewis will seek to transfer out of the program.

The tweet correctly points to his production dip, which has coincided with fewer minutes as a crowded corps of guards have taken a bite out of his opportunities. He has primarily stayed in games when he shows himself to be on a roll, and exited when he has not.

Lewis, originally a Jim Ferry recruit, was an important factor in the Dukes’ stabilization last season in Coach Dambrot’s first year. This season, whether due to his changing role or diminished minutes, has been a bit streaky.

In the past, he often had to be the one making things happen with the ball in his hands. This year, he’s had to try to make things happen away from the ball.

If true, best of luck to Mike Lewis.

Edit: Shortly after posting this it was noted that Lewis himself retweeted the original message from Jeff Goodman, giving veracity to this story.

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