Marcus Weathers, Duquesne

Marcus Weathers Getting His Groove Back

The Miami of Ohio transfer is beginning to look like the player we thought he would be in Atlantic 10 play.

Coming into this season, we knew very little about the pieces Keith Dambrot had assembled for 2018 – 19. Only three players had seen significant minutes coming into the year at Duquesne, and one of them splits his time between football and hoops. We heard rumors about the transfers who sat out 2017-18, and how they stacked up against the first team while on redshirt. They were supposed to drastically improve the talent level, but all we saw was how they shot the ball in warm ups.

Gun to my head, I would have picked Marcus Weathers as the player who excited me most of the incoming players in October. He stuffed stats his freshman year, and showed some versatility and efficiency on paper. He played on a bad team, but he was among the best players on it despite his youth.


Weathers notably struggled in the non-conference season at times. While he wasn’t bad, he just never seemed to get going either on a consistent basis. We saw flashes but nothing sustainable. After struggling mightily against Eastern Kentucky, His shooting numbers started to turn around in seventeen minutes against NJIT.

In the conference slates so far, he’s been a new player and really the one I expected to see. Weathers had four double digit scoring performances prior to the start of 2019, but has three in the three games since the calendar rolled over including a season high fifteen against St Joe’s. His 109.5 offensive efficiency in three Atlantic 10 games is roughly fourteen points higher than his season average and is in line with what he posted as a freshman. Also worth noting that his free throw shooting in Atlantic 10 games is closer to his Miami number than his early season struggles from the stripe, (.677 as a frosh, .692 in A-10 play).

If I you asked me what was going on with Weathers early, I’d be speculating. Whatever it was, he seems like he’s getting over it. Weathers may not be the star on this team, but a reliable forth weapon would make Duquesne even more difficult to play against than they already are and take pressure off the big guns. Three games is a seemingly small sample, but it’s roughly 10% of a college basketball season. Hopefully, we see the turnaround continue.


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