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Post Game Thoughts: @ Notre Dame

The Fighting Irish book ended last night’s game in South Bend against Duquesne with significant runs scoring 27 of their 67 points in the first and final 6 minutes of the game. The Dukes matched Notre Dame fairly evenly for other 80% of the game, but didn’t have an answer for their opponent’s second run. Despite the seemingly lopsided final score, the game was much closer than it would appear if you just looked at the final box score.

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First Impressions: Michael Hughes

We waited for well over a year for Saturday night to finally see the players who sat at the far end of Duquesne’s bench during the 2017-18 to make their school debuts. We heard the stories. That they dominated the last year’s first team so badly in practice that they had to go play by themselves. We heard that their talent would surpass all but the Dukes best returning players.

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