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Who are we? What are we about? If you don’t already know the answers – this is the place to find it.

We Wear The Ring: A Brief History

Dave and Steve know one another through common Duquesne fandom – and the fact that they once had a site that they worked on together, penning Duquesne content from the perspective of the fan. That site had a few iterations and a variety of other individuals working on it as time went on.

There was an opportunity to take the content to a host that offered more exposure, and we took it. Along that road, there was still more content, more contributors (Johnny among them), and a podcast, all in support of Duquesne and the basketball programs in particular.

Those efforts petered out as, for a variety of reasons, that new host didn’t work and left us feeling a bit burned and worn out as we saw our old content suddenly taken from us. It’s now disappeared, unfortunately.

True fans are always fans, however, and the new commitment toward the basketball program from Duquesne’s president and athletic director sparked the desire to put our creativity to work once more in a renewed commitment of our own.

Our Team

Steve, Co-founder

Steve is…

Dave, Co-founder

Dave is a 2008 alumni of Duquesne and has been attending Duquesne basketball games since the ripe old age of three. He lives in Western PA along with his wife and daughter and other than basketball, loves hiking and competitive gaming.

Alex, Staff Writer

Alex is…

Johnny, Staff Writer

Johnny is…

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